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Bio Basics Liquids


Tailored to Your Turf

Maintaining consistent results requires the perfect combination results requires the perfect combination of liquid as well as granular fertilizer products.  Trust Bio Basics to provide an individual fertilizer program customized to your particular needs.  Take the guesswork out of your work by letting us prescribe the ideal course of action for desired turf performance.


Suits You to a Tee (or a Green!)

Since every course is different (i.e., desired green speeds, maintenance practices, types of mowers and grassed, etc.), Bio Basics offers a highly customized program.  We recommend frequent applications (every two weeks or less), using an appropriate mix of Bio Basics liquid fertilizers (all of which are compatible with most fungicides).


Putting It All Together

Our program combines tissue testing and monitoring of a variety of factors including color, clippings, and recovery from play as well as environmental stress.  Whether you prefer your turf “lush,” “lean” or somewhere in between, we’ll work with you to deliver satisfaction every step of the way.