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ALLY 18-0-8


Product Analysis

Total Nitrogen

Ammoniacal Nitrogen 3.6%
Water Soluble Nitrogen 7.0%
Urea Nitrogen 7.0%
Water Insoluble Nitrogen 2.9%
Available Phosphate as P2O5 0.0%
Soluble Potash as K2O 8.0%
Combined Sulphir 7.0%



Play It Smart!

For steady, dependable results all year long, trust Bio Basics nutrient-rich granular fertilizers to get the job done.


Steady Performance

With a consistent, long-term release of nutrients, Bio Basics fertilizers eliminates the "peaks-and-valleys” associated with traditional synthetic fertilization programs.


Putting It All Together

By feeding soil as well as turf with optimum C:N ratio, these naturally based products promote healthier, hassle-free performance in any application. From tee to green (and every turf in between), a variety of blends are available to provide exactly the nutrient balance your location requires.


Feature and Benefits

  • 3-Stage Activity.  (Balanced Nutrient Supply, Biomass Activator, and Soil Supplements for Structure & Nutrient Availability)
  • Pasteurized PPM for Nutrients, Micros and Carbon
  • Blended Synthetics for Regionally Specific Soil Conditions and Turf Cultivars
  • Slow Release Mechanisms for Continuous Feeding
  • Quick Nutrition from Balanced Sources for Initial Response
  • Consistent Growth Response Through All Seasons
  • Supports Thatch Degradation
  • Quality Organics and Available Silicon are the Basic Building Blocks for Stress Resistant Turf




Granular fertilizer sold in 50 lb. bags, ton sacks, and bulk truckloads.  Call us at (888) 646-6146 or send an email to ccardenas@biobasics.biz for information on ordering this product via LTL shipping.