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Product Description

CytoBoost™ concentrated extract is made from the seaplant Ascophyllum nodosum, which is harvested from coastal Maine waters. Extensive research has shown that this seaweed’s natural plant growth regulators and diverse micronutrients, enzymes and vitamins enhance the growth, development, and durability of land-based plants.

CytoBoost is formulated for commercial horticulture to provide the highest seaweed concentration found on the market today. Foliar application is the most efficient and effective method.  Nutrients are absorbed through the leaves and rapidly transferred throughout the plant. At recommended dilution rates, CytoBoost is highly economical to use.


Benefits of Cytoboost™

  • Stimulates growth, strength, and mass of the root system
  • Improves microbial activity of the soil
  • Decreases seedling mortality
  • Reduces transplant shock 
  • Accelerates primary and feeder root development
  • Improves lateral bud development in trees and nursery stock
  • Increases plant vigor, and thus imparts a greater resistance to disease, insect attack, drought, and frost
  • Reduces thatch buildup
  • Retards senescence thereby lengthening the production season






$ 100