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Bio Basics Pro Gro 4-0-4

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Product Description

Bio Basics Pro Gro 4-0-4 is a readily available potassium sulfate and potassium nitrate, which also contains seaweed extract.  Pro Gro is compatible with most liquid fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, and nematicides.

Check the compatibility of untried chemical mixes.  Always jar test when in doubt.


Product Analysis

Nitrate N 1.0%
Urea 2.9%
Organic N (WS) 0.1%
Potassium 4.0%
Trace Humic Acid & Seaweed Extract



  • Stimulates, strengthens and multiplies the soil’s indigenous microbes
  • Soil buffering capacity is improved
  • Converts nutrients into usable plant food
  • Improves soil structure
  • Reduces salt accumulations
  • Reduces chemical build-up
  • Promotes Root growth
  • Reduces compaction


Suggested Rates

  • Normal maintenance: 2 to 4 oz. per 1000 sq. ft. (tissue test to verify)
  • Corrective rate: 6 to 12 oz. per 1000 sq. ft.
  • Water in thoroughly within 24 hours.






$ 105