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Chick Magic Ag Pellets

4-3-2 Organic Fertilizer



Granular fertilizer sold in 50 lb. bags, ton sacks, and bulk truckloads.  Call us at (888) 646-6146 or send an email to ccardenas@biobasics.biz for information on pricing and availability.


Product Description

Chick Magic 4-3-2 processed chicken manure is an all-purpose organic fertilizer made from pure manure of family owned chickens on family owned farms.  Made without any litter, bedding, or other fillers, Chick Magic has a uniform nutrient composition throughout and its slow release properties ensure continuous, season long feeding that won't burn your crops or turf.


Product Analysis

Total Nitrogen (N) 4.00%
     Water Soluble Organic Nitrogen      3.00%
     Water Insoluble Organic Nitrogen      1.00%
Available Phosphate (P2O5) 3.00%
Soluble Potash (K2O) 2.00%
Calcium (Ca) 7.00%


Application Rate

The usual application rate is one ton per acre of agri-crop land. Up to two tons may be applied to high value crops. As always, a professional soil analysis should guide your specific rate of application. This product is customarily sold in bulk truckloads or one-ton super sacks.


Organic fertilizer for high yielding crops

High yielding cropland needs healthy soil. Healthy soil begins with billions of microbes and some naturally occurring nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK). Healthy fruits and vegetables then remove some of these primary nutrients, as well as some secondary and trace nutrients. Some crops such as corn and cabbages demand and withdraw more nutrients than others. These nutrients should be replaced with either natural or synthetic sources. Overall, the natural sources have proven to be more user-friendly, less costly, and do not reduce microbial populations in the soil as synthetic (chemical) fertilizers do. Long term USDA-ARS studies show that natural organic practices significantly build organic matter and increase microbial populations in the soil. These microbes ultimately convert insoluble nutrients into soluble nutrients which then become available to the crop. They also build structure within the soil which retains water and oxygen, both of which are fundamental to growth.


Of all organic fertilizers, perhaps dried manures offer the biggest bang for your buck, because dried manure fertilizers are so abundant. Processed manure, especially processed chicken manure, is the best value due to processed chicken manure containing more primary and secondary nutrients than any other manure. Processed chicken manure is also free of weed seeds and any harmful pathogens. Cold Spring Pellets organic fertilizer has these qualities and a dozen others, including price and availability, and offers real value to conventional and organic users.